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Energy Saving Solutions

Usher Insulations is one of Ireland's longest established home insulation companies and is widely recognised as a business that provides energy-saving solutions. Our Dublin insulation solutions are available to clients in the capital and nationwide. 

We supply the latest in green/environmental conservation technology sourced from trusted suppliers and are always on hand to offer some expert advice on how you can save energy.

Why Insulate?

Savings: Reduced heating bills (up to 40% savings)
Environmentally friendly: Less carbon emissions
Comfort: Cool in summer and warm in winter
Investment: Increases the value of the home/building
Improvement: BER assessment guidance and grant advice

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Usher Energy Saving Solutions

Homeowner Solutions

Our customers receive unrivalled choice as well as sound, professional advice on how to best secure their homes and keep their energy costs low. The average house in Ireland costs between €1,700 and €2,200 per year to heat, and you can save up to 40% of this cost by having Usher insulate your home. Our based in Dublin insulation team of specialists can give you a wide range of solutions to combat the rising fuel costs and to help reduce your carbon footprint. We are environmentally aware, and we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the latest green solutions. It's a modern approach to an age-old problem, but the bottom line is keeping your home warm and your family comfortable.

Usher Energy Saving Solutions

Construction Solutions

Usher Insulations has been involved with an extensive list of solid, well-executed construction projects. We have worked with customers from a wide range of industries, providing our efficient and effective based in Dublin insulation services to builders, architects etc.
As long-standing members of the Construction Industry Federation, Specialist Contractors Association, we obtained I.S9002 accreditation in 2004 and have maintained this qualification with yearly audits. We are consistent and remain committed to delivering a top quality service to our clients.

Government Grants

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland conducts financial schemes designed to support energy technologies in the hope that such governmental initiatives will further Ireland's aims to become effective in its domestic energy strategies. In February 2009 the Minister for Energy announced a €100m home insulation grant package. €50m of this is allocated for private homeowners who wish to upgrade their homes. To be eligible for this grant the dwelling must be built before 2006.

Funding is available in the following areas:
Domestic Grants
Commercial Grants

Government Grants

Usher Insulations is a qualified BER Assessor. To find out more about our building energy rating assessments get in touch with our energy experts today. 

BER Assessments

Usher Insulations provides BER Assessments in Dublin and Nationwide. Our expert team are authorised to provide properties with building energy rating certificates.

Fire Protection

We provide construction projects with a comprehensive range of fire protection building materials and fire protection products.

Floor Insulation

Our team of insulation experts can recommend a range of floor insulation options. We provide clients nationwide -- including Dublin -- with a full range of floor insulation solutions.

Wall Insulation

Our wall insulation solutions include products link Ecobrad, KoolTherm Boards, cavity barriers and cavity wall insulation. We can recommend the appropriate wall insulation solution for the specifics of our client’s Dublin proprieties.

Attic and Roof Insulation

Usher Insulations provides our clients with the very highest standard in roof insulation materials. From insulation boards to insulation mats solutions, our stock includes the very latest innovations in attic insulation and roof insulation.

Energy Efficient Homes

Our team of specialists can give you a wide range of solutions to combat the rising fuel costs and to help reduce your carbon footprint. We are environmentally aware, and we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the latest green solutions

Air Tight Seal Solutions

Usher Insulations provides new builds with our complete air tight build service. We identify where air is escaping or entering and seal these problem areas. Our service uses a variety of techniques to create a property that’s completely air tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 30 years of experience, Usher Insulations are industry experts. Our experienced an knowledgeable team members are here to offer advice and make recommendations. If you have question please don't hesitate to get in touch