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Deciding what insulation product to utilise requires research and consideration. If, like most people, you are unfamiliar with the various fire protection, sound-proofing (acoustic) and insulation product lines, it can be confusing. If you are an industry professional, you might have a technical question or need a product specification.

For more information on the products we carry, click on the product name (click on the product name once more when done). All brochures are available in PDF format, and if you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, download a free version.

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Ballytherm Cavity Wall Data Sheet

Filename: Ballytherm_Cavity_Wall_Data Sheet.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Detail Sheet 2: Ballytherm BTCW Rebated Cavity Wall Insulation. Ballytherm BTCW cavity wall insulation is used for the thermal insulation of new, cavity masonry walls of dwellings or buildings of similar occupancy type and conditions. It also facilitates the control of surface and interstitial condensation in walls.

Ballytherm Floor Insulation Data Sheet

Filename: Ballytherm_Floor_Insulation_Data Sheet.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Detail Sheet 1: Ballytherm BTF Floor Insulation.
Ballytherm BTF floor insulation is used for the thermal insulation in ground supported and suspended floors and may be installed: (1) Below a concrete floor slab; or (2) below a cement-based floor screed on a concrete slab with a hardcore base; or (3) above a suspended concrete floor (e.g., block and beam) with a cement base creed; or (4) between the joists of a suspended timber floor.

Ecobead Brch

Filename: Ecobead_Brch.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Ecobead produces loose fill cavity wall insulation. Ecobead Platinum has a finished thermal conductivity of 0.033w/m2K.

EcoBead & EcoBead Platinum Cavity Wall Insulation Systems

Filename: Ecobead_iab_050226.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Glass and rock mineral wool insulation application.

Kooltherm: K10 and K10 Plus Soffit Boards

Filename: Kooltherm_K10_K10plus.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Insulation for structural ceilings (Soffits). Premium performance rigid phenolic insulation. Kooltherm K10 fixes directly onto concrete soffit.

Metac Rafter Rool/Batt Data Sheet

Filename: Metac_Rafter_Data_Sheet.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Metac Rafter Roll/Atts are lightweight insulating roll/battts manufactured from mineral wool. This product has been specifically developed for use in ceilings that follow the pitch of the roof and enclose a habitable space, thus servicing the market of the attic conversions and new dormer bungalow construction.

Metac Isover Thermal Insulation

Filename: Metac_Isover_new.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Metac is a high-quality thermal insulation designed for a wide range of applications where space is at a premium and a high spec u-value is required.

Moy Isover Acoustic Roll Data

Filename: Moy Isover Acoustic_Roll_Data.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Moy Isover Acoustic Rolls are lightweight glasswool rolls manufactured in Ireland. They are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. They are suitable for thermal, acoustic insulation and fire resistance in walls and roof spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Moy Acoustic Rolls are widely used for noise control purposes in a variety of applications as its lightweight, fire-safe and robust nature is combined with highly efficient sound absorption.

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Moy Isover Glasswool Rolls

Filename: Moy_Isover_Plus.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Moy Plus are lightweight glasswool rolls manufactured in Ireland. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths, and widths. Moy Plus Rolls are excellent for thermal and acoustic insulation, for fire resistance in walls and roof spaces in cosmetic, commercial and industrial buildings. Moy Plus Rolls are ideal for timber framed buildings, acoustic insulation in partitioning and over suspended ceilings.

ProAir Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Brochure

Filename: ProAir_Heat_Recovery_Ventilation.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

The ProAirWhole House Ventilation System will provides a fresh, comfortable and healthy indoor environment, while saving you money. Heat recovery ventilation technology recovers the heat energy in the exhaust air as it leaves the building and transfers it to the fresh air as it enters the building.

Rockwool Soffit Slab Datasheet

Filename: Rockwool Soffit_Datasheet_sec

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Thermal, fire, and acoustic insulation for concrete soffit.

Wright Window Systems

Filename: Wright_Window_Systems.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Glazing systems in each of aluminium, timber, uPVC and aluminium clad timber (Alu-Clad) projects.

Vario Airtight Intelligence System

Filename: Vario_Airtight_Intelligence

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

Advanced airtightness and moisture management system on the market: Vario is an intelligent membrane, designed to adapt to the climate and protect your building, inside and out. It’s also designed with an uncompromising commitment to superior airtightness. Vario will improve your BER (building energy rating), save money, increase comfort and help to combat climate change.

Xtratherm Insulated Loaf Board, Decking

Filename: Xtratherm_Insulated_Loft_Board.pdf

Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)

High performance insulated loft boards: Xtratherm Loft Walk-R is a laminate of high performance PIR insulation with tough moisture resistant chipboard that builds to allow safe access into insulated roof spaces whilst maintaining very high insulation values, and complying with health and safety guidelines.