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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from having my attic insulated?

Having attic insulation installed is a particularly effective way of cutting heating bills because almost 40% of heat can be lost through an un-insulated attic. Insulating your home is a quick and easy project that can save on energy bills and add great comfort to your home.

Is it expensive to have my attic insulated?

The cost of having the work carried out is relatively low: Approximately €480* for a standard 3-bed semi-detached, and €545* for a 4-bed semi-detached. (This price is for 300mm fibreglass.) However, each house and project varies, and a cost estimation/on-site quote of your particular requirement is the safest approach.

* Prices quoted are valid as of 1st October 2010, please call us for a more accurate quotation

How long does it take to insulate an attic?

The attic must be cleared of all household materials, and then the insulation takes approximately one hour for a standard three (3) or four (4) bedroom house.

Do I need to remove old insulation from my attic before the new insulation is installed?

There is no need to remove old insulation because new insulation can be laid directly on top of the old.

For more info regarding our energy saving solutions and our insualtion services in DUblin 

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Does your company conform to any standards?

Yes. All fibreglass products fitted by Usher Insulations are manufactured to ISO 260 1984. In addition, we adhere to the standards of the Safe-T-Cert Scheme of the Construction Industry Federation, the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), and the Irish Agrément Board.

Do you install cavity wall insulation?

Over 95% of houses built in Dublin City and county are constructed using the 215mm hollow block. These walls cannot be insulated unless they are dry lined using insulated plasterboard. In other parts of the country the more traditional method of building is used and these can be retrofitted with insulation.

If I decide to insulate my home, how soon can it be done?

The waiting time is normally two to three days. Appointment times are between 10:00am and 2:00pm, and 2:00pm and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Do you call out to give quotations?

Yes, we normally provide an online or a verbal quote over the phone for a standard house. However, in certain circumstances such as unusual materials required or an unusual attic space, etc., we will arrange for one of our representatives to call out.

What is the BER Assessment service?

BER is a standardised method of assessing the energy performance of a property, and formalises the terminology and measurements used to recognise a building’s energy efficiency. The building’s structure, materials, and heating supply are surveyed and evaluated. Based on this evaluation, a rating is provided by a qualified BER Assessor and a report is generated for the homeowner. Since 2009, the BER report is a requirement for all house purchases.

When is the BER required?

The BER is part of the Energy Performance of Buildings EU Directive. . Since 2009, it is a legal requirement that all homes for rent and sale have a valid BER Report and Certificate. New buildings are also required to have a BER Assessment.The certificate is required at the point of sale or rental of a building, or on completion of a new building. The homeowner is under no obligation to make recommended improvements.

How long does the certificate last?

Once a certificate has been issued for an existing house or apartment it will be valid for 10 years and it does not need to be renewed if the property changes ownership within that 10-year period.

Is there a pass or fail score?

There is no minimum score in a BER Assessment. A house or apartment cannot ‘fail’ a BER Assessment; however a poorly rated property will not be as attractive to a prospective buyer or tenant. A poorly rated house take a lot of neergy to keep warm and reuslts in higher energy bills while also be lower in value than a house with a top rating. 

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