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What does BER mean?

BER is an acronym for “Building Energy Rating”.

What is a BER Certificate?

The Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) is part on the Energy Performance of Buildings EU Directive. The aim of the Directive is to make the energy performance of a building understandable and the information available to potential purchasers or tenants.

The building energy-rating certificate is similar to the energy rating labels people find on any domestic appliance. For example, just as an “A” rated appliance will cost less to run, an ‘A’ rated house will cost less to heat. Likewise, an “E” or “F” rated house will cost more to heat yearly.

In the current economic climate, the rating of a house will have an effect on the resale or rental value of any property.

What is the BER Assessment service?

BER is a standardised method of assessing the energy performance of a property, and formalises the terminology and measurements used to recognise a building’s energy efficiency. The building’s structure, materials, and heating supply are surveyed and evaluated. A rating is provided by a qualified BER Assessor and a report is generated for the homeowner. Since 2009, the BER report is a requirement for all house purchases.

For more info regarding our energy saving solutions and our Dublin BER Assessments 

get in contact with Usher Insulations today!

What is the Cost of BER Assessment?

We will keep costs of an assessment as low as possible, contact us for a free BER quote. Remember that all qualified assessors are trained to the same standard, so paying more for an assessment does not mean you will get a better service.

How long does the assessment take?

This varies from building to building depending on the size of the property. We can usually complete a standard 3 bed house in under 90 minutes. It typically takes 3 days for the certificate to arrive.

How long does the certificate last?

Once a certificate has been issued for an existing house or apartment it will be valid for 10 years and it does not need to be renewed if the property changes ownership within that 10-year period.

Is there a pass or fail score?

There is no minimum score in a BER Assessment. A house or apartment cannot ‘fail’ a BER Assessment; however a poorly rated property will not be as attractive to a prospective buyer or tenant.

When is the BER required?

The certificate is required at the point of sale or rental of a building, or on completion of a new building. The homeowner is under no obligation to make recommended improvements.

Who can perform a BER Assessment?

BER Assessments should only be carried out by specially trained assessors. A qualified Usher Insulations BER Assessor will issue the BER certification by using various calculation methods and software. Contact us to request a free quote.

How can I find my BER?

Your BER Certificate will include the rating. If you can't find certificate then you can find the report using the BER number or the MPRN number from the electricity meter at the property. If you want to order a repalcment certificate you need to contact the or the original BER Assessor. 

Are any properties exempent from a BER?

There are a number of exemptions from a BER cert. These include national monuments, protected structures, buildings used as a place of worship or for religious activities, temporary building, industrial buildings not intended for human occupancy over extended periods and where the installed heating capacity does not exceed 10 W/m2, non-domestic agricultural buildings with an installed heating capacity not exceeding 10 W/m2, and stand-alone buildings with a total useful floor area of less than 50m2.

Usher Insulations is a qualified BER Assessor. To find out more about our building energy rating assessments get in touch with our energy experts today. 

Can a homeowner improve the rating of his or her home?

There are a number of ways that the rating of a property can be improved, and for a reasonable cost. Homes with broilers over 10 to 15 years old are likely to have a lot to gain from an assessment. If a boiler were to be replaced with a modern high-efficiency boiler, the BER rating would most likely improve. The cost of the installation and assessment would pay for itself. The value and sale price of the home could improve for the small investment of approximately €2,000.

The Building Energy Rating Certificate comes with an accompanying advisory report. This report outlines recommendations as to what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You may then choose to implement some or all of the changes outlined in the report. Recommendations may include:

  • increasing the insulation in the walls/attic/floors
  • installing advanced energy efficient windows/doors
  • measures to achieve controlled, healthy ventilation
  • replace an old or inefficient boiler with a more efficient boiler
  • installing modern heating controls
  • installing certain types of renewable energy heating systems
  • insulating the hot water cylinder and pipe work

The BER Assessment is a useful tool for all homeowners. If you have just purchased a house which you plan to improve or want your current home assessed, this report will outline steps you can take to make your home energy efficient and to save you money on fuel costs.

How is a BER calculated?

When you book your BER assessment in Dublin, the assessor will calculate the BER of your property by considering multiple factors. This includes your annual energy usage, the CO2 emissions, and the energy costs, as well as the ventilation and lighting of the property. This information is then inputted into a formula and from there, your BER is calculated.

What do BER ratings mean?

Every property undergoes a BER assessment, which then leads to the property being rated on the BER scale. The BER ratings are on a scale from A to G with A-rated homes being the most energy efficient (tending to have lower energy bills), to G-rated homes being the least energy efficient.

Is the BER rating important?

The BER rating of a property is important as it can tell you a lot about a home that you can’t see with the naked eye. With the BER rating, you will be able to see if your energy bills will be high or low, as well with a higher BER rating you will know your home has a higher value when or if you want to sell.

BER in Dublin: who can assess my home?

BER assessments in Dublin are carried out by SEAI registered BER assessors. Here at Usher Insulations, we have a team of professionals who are all qualified to do the BER assessment for your property.

Contact Usher Insulations to arrange your building energy rating test and assessment. 

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