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Calibel Sound Insulation 

Life is Better without noise - Party Wall Sound Insulation

We live in a noisy world. We are exposed to sound that affects the quality of our like - 24/7. Moy Isover, the leader in insulation solutions, can help you contribute to the planet, free from unwanted sound, and create a quiet, comfortable home environment.

Calibel is an insulating material made up of a thick base of glasswool assuring excellent thermal, acoustic and mechanical insulation, onto which is stuck a plaster slab.

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Field of Use

Calibel is designed to acoustically insulate party wall constructions for both residential and commercial buildings. Very quickly installed by adhesion to walls, it is equally possible to apply battens. Furthermore, Calibel adapts to all kinds of applications by just modifying the plaster slab.

Calibel Sound Insulation Calibel Sound Insulation Calibel Sound Insulation

Party wall constructed with 215mm dense concrete block 1950Kg.

Calibel Sound Insulation

Semi Detached party wall constructed with 215 (thick) dense solid blockwork with 42.5mm thick Calibel (incorporating 30mm insulation) dot and dabbed on each side of the separating wall using Gyproc compound.

Calibel Sound Insulation

This separating wall has a similar construction to above with additional 8mm to 12mm base coat of sand and cement between the blockwork and the Calibel.

Calibel Sound Insulation

* These curves show the acoustic improvement following controlled measurements carried out using Calibelm.