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Attic & Roof Insulation Dublin 

Usher Insulations provides our clients with the very highest standard in roof insulation materials.
From insulation boards to insulation mats solutions, our stock includes the very latest innovations in attic insulation and roof insulation.
For those seeking roof insulation in Dublin, our team can recommend a range of different roof insulation solutions designed to not only seal in inside heat but also protect against cold air entering the property.

Benefits of Attic and Roof Insulation

  • Heat Retention The majority of the heat in our homes and buildings escapes though the roof. Effective roof insulation increases the heat retention and keeps your property warmer for longer.

  • Heat Reduction As well as retaining heat, attic and roof insulation prevents excess heat from entering your property when temperatures are high - keeping you cool on long summer days.

  • Energy & Cost Saving With insulation your property is much more energy efficient. It requires less energy to heat or cool your property meaning increased savings on your energy bill.

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Materials we provide include include:

Kooltherm K7 Sarking Board

This is a closed-cell foam core board, which provides clients with outstanding thermal performance. This solution is normally recommended for pitched roofs.

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Moy Isover Plus Rolls

This roof insulation solution has been designed for use in ceilings, of pitched roofs and enclosed habitable spaces. This means it is particularly popular for use during attic conversions and bungalow construction.

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Moy Isover Sarking Batt

Manufactured from mineral wool, these light-weight, high-quality insulation batts have been engineered for specific use in ceilings.
This solution is particularly adapt at insulating timber framed houses.

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Polyfoam Board

This is a highly engineered third generation CFC-free rigid foam board, suited to flat roofs.

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Rockwool Rollbatts

Rockwool Rollbatts are lightweight insulation mats, available in a range of different widths, thicknesses and lengths.

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