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Fire Protection Insulation Dublin 

PFC Corofil Fire Stop Compound

PFC Corofil Fire Stop Compound is a specially formulated non-cementitious mortar which provides fire resistant seals around service penetrations (in either vertical or horizontal openings). Fire Stop Compound is easy to install and offers a gas right seal with exceptional compressive strength. Once cured, it is a loadbearing seal suitable for foot traffic.

  • Four (4) hours fire resistance
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for use in walls and floors
  • Loadbearing, maintenance free material
  • Suitable for use around most types of service penetrations

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Fire Stop Compound is a special mix of non-cementitious materials. It is supplied in 30-litre bags ready to mix with water for sealing horizontal and vertical service penetration openings through concrete, blockwork, brickwork, timber and drywall. It is a versatile material with its ability to be mixed to a stiff consistency for filling voids in walls or poured onto a PFC Corofil permanent shuttering panel in floor openings. Fire Stop Compound sets in 30-45 minutes and is loadbearing and capable of accommodating foot traffic in approximately 72 hours.

PVC Pipework - Fire Stop Compound should be used to secure Intumescent Pipe Bands in place through either walls or floors.

Fire Ratings:

Fire Rating  Wall* Floor  Load bearing Fire Seals**
1 Hour
2 Hours

3 Hours
4 Hours

75mm / 2@ 40mm
75mm / 2@ 40mm

100mm / 2@ 50mm
100mm / 2@ 50mm



Up to 500mm x 500mm
Clear of Services
Up to 750mm x 750mm
Clear of Services

*See sketch for the two possible methods of application
**If Load bearing seals larger than 750 x 750mm clear area are required please contact our technical department.


Install PFC Corofil Fire Stop Compound to provide 1, 2, 3 or 4-hour penetration seals to all vertical and horizontal openings. Installation to be fully in accordance with manufacturers instructions.