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The Ecobead Insulation system is a combination of high performance insulated beads locked into tightly packed honeycomb matrix with a water based adhesive. Ecobead is approved by the Irish Agrément board and the British Board of Agreement.

Operated by Aerobord Ltd. In the Republic of Ireland and Springvale in Northern Ireland, Ecobead is the technology leader in loose fill cavity wall insulation. With over 50 years of combined experience insulating Irish homes Ecobead has consistently innovated to provide affordable and sustainable insulation solutions.

Ecobead Platinum has a finished thermal conductivity of 0.033w/m2K. As Air is the insulating gas Ecobead is guaranteed to sustain its thermal performance over the lifetime of your project. Even then Ecobead retains its sustainable credentials being 100% recyclable.

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Technical Specification:

Wall Construction

75 mm

90 mm

100 mm

110 mm

150 mm

175 mm

200 mm

Rendered Dense Block-Dense Block-Plaster








Brick - Medium Density Block - Plaster








Brick - Light Weight Block - Slab on Dab








Brick - Insulating Block - Slab on Dab








What happens on the day of the installation?

An Ecobead technician will call to your home, before commencing work they will identify themselves as an authorised Ecobead installer. Ecobead installers must present you with an identification card bearing their photo.

On the day of the install the installation team will arrive at your property, they will remove their equipment from the truck and prepare for the installation.

Step 1. The team will consult the pre audit check-sheet and compose a drill pattern for your home. They will then drill a series of 22mm holes in the outer leaf (block-work) of your property according to the drill pattern.

If you have a brick facade the holes will be drilled in the mortar joints to minimise the aesthetic impact on your property.

When the drilling is complete the tam will commence filling the cavity, during this time it will be necessary to operate a diesel compressor, this will result in increased noise so it is a good idea keep pets inside if possible. Ecobead installers will not operate the compressor unless filling ins in progress.

When the filling process is complete the installers will block up the drilled holes with a white cement putty. This will require painting in a few days to restore the property to pre-installation condition.

If you wish to see for yourself the result of the installation ask the installer to show you the Ecobeads in the cavity before they blocks the drill holes.

The installation team will then pack up their equipment and leave the your home as they found it.

Why do you need to visit my dwelling before installation?

It is necessary to perform a site audit to assess if your property is suitable for the Ecobead system. Not all homes are suitable depending on construction type and location.

Ecobead is operated by a network of professional trained installers. Each installer is audited regularly by our Ecobead quality team and the SEI audit team to ensure that industry best practice is being adhered to at all times.

The technician will conduct a site audit, discussing with you the process and time required. In most cases it will be necessary to have access to all sides of you property, please advise the installer if you have any special requests... no work before 9.30 am, during holidays etc.

The Ecobead installer will complete a pre-installation survey sheet detailing the exact areas to be insulated, the property etc. Ecobead installers have a comprehensive 30 point check list for each property. This extensive check will ensutre that the installation team will complete their work in the optimum time.

It may also be necessary to do some minor work to ensure the Ecobead is installed safely, such work may include slieving wall vents, sealing cracks in block-work, brick work etc. You may agree to do this work yourself prior to installation or ask the Ecobead installer to carry our remedial work. An extra charge may apply for this work so please agree with the installer.

 We are a Dublin based insualtion company. For more info regarding our energy saving solutions, 

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Will I notice the difference straight away?

Yes, Ecobead starts to work immediately, your home should feel noticeably warmer in during the heating season.

Is it necessary to work inside my home to install Ecobead in an existing dwelling?

No, the installation of Ecobead is a non intrusive process and you will not be disturbed in your home however we will need to check the operation of your heating system before and after installation. This is a legal requirement and is necessary to ensure your safety.

How long should it take to install Ecobead?

Typical detached home – approx 1500 square foot should take no more than 6 hours to install Ecobead.

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