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K8 Cavity Wallboard

Kooltherm K8 Cavity Wailboard is a CFC-free phenolic foam laminate with a reinforced low emissivity composite foil facing autohesively bonded to each surface. The closed-cell foam core gives the board outstanding thermal performance, while the phenolic resin composition leads to excellent fire characteristics and low smoke generation.

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K8 is designed as a partial fill cavity wall insulation board, where its low thermal conductivity allows the required U-values to be achieved with the minimum thickness of insulation. I<8 can be used with a variety of different wall constructions, see BBA Certificate No. 94/3047 for further details.

Wall Application

k8 cavity wallboard


K8 should be fixed against the inner leaf of the external wall, by means of proprietary insulation retaining wall clips, see BBA Certificate No. 94/3047.

Technical Data

Typical Values


Compressive strength @ 10 % deformation
Dimensional stability (40mm board)
a/ 7 days @ 20°C
 b/ 7 days @ -20°C
Moisture vapour resistance

15 - 70mm
100 kPa min 

no change
no change

Foam Core

Thermal conductivity @ 10°C                         
Closed cell content
Fire/Smoke properties
*BS 476 1989:Part 6 
*BS 476 1993:Part 7
*BS 5111 1974: Part 1

0.018 W/mK
90 %

S<12 s<6 
Class 1 
<5 % obscuration


*The combination of these results meets the Class 0 requirements of the Building Regulations (1991), Approved Document B, Appendix A, Paragraph A12 (b).


K8 is manufactured in a range of thicknesses from 15mm to 70mm and in a standard board size of 1200mm X 450mm.