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Benefits of Home Insulation

A poorly insulated home will always require more energy to keep it warm. The majority of warm air will escape through the walls, attic and roof as well as through air leaks around windows and doors. Effective insulation will block these leaks and prevent heat from escaping, meaning less energy is required to sufficiently heat the home. It follows that if less energy is used then you will ultimately see a quite a large reduction in your energy costs and monthly bills saving you money in the long term.

Sound Reduction

One positive side effect on insulation that not everyone is aware of is the reduction of noise in the home. As sound travels throughout the house, it bounces off the walls and floors. Wall insulation will effectively absorb the sound, reducing the noise levels and making your home a quieter, more relaxing place to live.

Resale Value

The energy efficiency of your home massively affects its resale value. Homes with high energy efficiency ratings receive a much higher value than homes with a lower energy rating. Even if you are not currently planning on selling your home, insulation should be considered for the possibility of a future sale. Insulation is definitely worth investing i, as you will ultimately see a return on investment in the value of your home.

Environmental Benefits

As climate change continues to get worse, it is in everyone’s best interest to do whatever we can to try and improve the situation. The right insulation will help you to massively reduce your carbon footprint. The more energy you require to heat your home, the more emissions your produce. Insulation reduced the amount of energy needed therefore reducing your carbon emission output. Anyone who is interested in living a "green" or environmentally friendly lifestyle, or simply wants to do their bit for the cause, should consider investing in home insulation.

Energy and Cost Savings

A poorly insulated home will  require more energy to heat it. as the majority of the warm air will escape through the attic and roof as well as through air leaks around windows and doors. The more energy you use the more expensive your energy bills. A well insulated house will require less energy and therefore result in cheaper monthly  bills for the homeowner. 

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